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Beehives: A Suspense Novel. Book 3 of the Family Secret Series.


A Dead Hermit ... A Hidden Love ... 

Jamie Aldrich is ready to begin the next chapter of her life. After dealing with a series of discomfiting events that began with the loss of her husband two years ago, and the near-death of her elderly great-aunt, she's taking a well-earned vacation with her fiance in Oklahoma's historic Osage Hills State Park. But her newfound serenity is disrupted when she finds the body of an elderly woman on a hiking trail. Park Ranger Doug Moyer calls it an accident, the result of a falling tree, but Jamie isn't so sure. 

Soon after, while exploring the historic park built during the CCC era of WPA programs, Jamie discovers a surprising inscription on a crumbling wall, 'Patrick Gallagher loves Mary Jamison, 1954.' Mary is Jamie's mother, but Jamie has never heard of Patrick. Her mother refuses to explain, as usual. When Sam disappears after smoke fills their cabin, it is clear that something strange and sinister is afoot in the park. Can Jamie unravel the ties between the mysterious death of the recluse, Sam's disappearance and her mother's first love?

Book 3 of the Family Secret Series

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